Whiteball Creative Solutions is a South African internet and consulting company with the mission to become the largest internet company in Africa by the year 2025. The company’s focus is on the provision of internet services and products that support small to medium businesses and help them maximize growth potential online. Our services include e-commerce directory, stock photo directory, business portals and website development, eCommerce, cloud and web hosting. We also provide consultation services on business development, idea and strategy development, internet and IT support. The company aims to be a cost-effective and committed service provider at delivering high-value services with business-leading qualities and traits, and strive for constantly exceeding client expectations.

We aim to employ young, dynamic and vibrant stuff members who are filled with a burning desire and the hunger to develop and manage products and services that will impact the lives of millions of people positively. We want our company culture to be about family and willingness to help others succeed in their respective businesses, careers and individual goals. Our company will empower women and people living with disabilities, the youth especially. Our company will be led by 80% women and 20% men in senior management, as stated in our sustainability policy.

At Whiteball we believe that the basis of a successful project or service delivery rests on the ability of the company to execute the project using capable resources that can work with speed and accuracy. Whiteball has the following resources available that enable us to offer exceptional services:

  • Well located corporate offices
  • High Quality, Reliable, Fast and Fault-Tolerance Enterprise Dedicated Servers, hosted locally.
  • Advanced computers and IT support tools
  • Qualified and Experienced team
  • Mobility and effective communication channels, for ease of reach.

With over 8 years of business operations, we understand that building and maintaining strong relations with our stakeholder’s forms and remain an essential part of our mission and success; that is why we aim to promote customer importance and satisfaction. We aim to deliver internet services that are relevant and strive for the highest degree of integrity.

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