Over the past 8 years our focus has always been on being the extra pair of hands that helps our clients move their businesses forward and aid them achieve their goals.

Customer satisfaction is all we know

Technical Support

The internet is forever evolving and requires company to adopt to new trends rapidly. The website can no longer be used as simply an online presence. It is inherent to take full advantages of this platforms to aid maximize opportunities, growth, productivity and market reach for all businesses. With the technical skills and experience, we are well positions to add great value to businesses and amplify their growth and competitive potential.

Professional Advisory

Information drives innovation; today’s most successful companies rely on precise information to shape and reposition their businesses so they are able to take advantage of opportunities provided by the ever evolving Internet and the ICT industry. Our advisory services help provide companies with relevant information which can aid solve their organizations most challenging problems.


Imagine having a team that knew exactly what you need when you needed it. With disruptions becoming a growing challenge and an enemy to productivity in all industries… it is essential to have a team that understand your business model and goals and adheres to its needs and wants when needed. This provides peace of mind and offload plenty of work and stress from leaders in organizations. From soft and hard/tangible supplies, we are a team that can physically and remotely provide help when needed.

Optimizing online opportunities to help grow your business!

From market research, creative strategies, design and prototyping to production and delivery, we cover it all.


What our clients are saying about us.

Solving business challenges with creative & strategic solutions...

Our focus is on providing solutions best suited for all clients, from the design & development of websites and mobile apps to email, cloud & web hosting solutions and also online directories offering different services to hundreds of businesses and individuals internationally.

We offer a range of internet services and products to support small to medium businesses and aid them maximize growth potential online. This include e-commerce directory which enable businesses to have online stores at affordable rates. IN addition offer free stock photo directory and free business directly which help SMME’s expand their online reach and accessibility. Our mission to make things easier for businesses and entrepreneurs continue to encourage us to introduce more creative solutions to help them take full advantage of the World Wide Web and maximize business growth and client acquisition.


Companies that grow don’t simply buy products & services, they invest in them. Their focus is on the value and results… this is how they keep the ball rolling. We don’t just sell internet services, we provide the opportunity for clients to invest in their online presence and leverage the opportunities and advantages the internet offer.