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Through the Mission2025, Whiteball Creative Solutions aims to positively influence and impact 1 million entrepreneurs in South Africa and throughout Africa. We will realize this goal by providing resources that aid in growing entrepreneurs’ businesses. We aim to achieve this goal by the year 2025. We recognize that by impacting 1 million entrepreneurs, we will also affect their employees, their stakeholders, and their families. Therefore the impact of this Mission will far surpass 1 million entrepreneurs. This Mission will serve South Africans and many people across Africa.

If the 1 Million Entrepreneurs can each employ one person, that is 1 million jobs created. If the 1 million entrepreneurs can each increase revenue by 10 Thousand Rands, that is 10 Billion injection into their lives and the economy. Now imagine if the increase is monthly. The limit to what this Mission can reach is unimaginable.




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