What we do affect and add tremendous value to a number of business sectors. We always strive to find ideas and tools which can provide solutions for small to medium businesses and for start, we have identified effective and creative solutions in the following sectors: Professional Service, ICT, Retail, Media & Publication, Education, and Property & Automotive. We aim to find solutions we can provide to sectors like Agriculture, Health, Construction, Mining and projects to uplift disadvantaged and rural area

Professional Services offered by Whiteball Creative Solutions, Website Design and Development

Professional Service
Our services include advisory and consultancy, website design and development, management and support. We design Company profiles and offer supply and deliver solutions.

Our Sector, ICT & Technology, Internet Company, IT Company

ICT & Technology
Smart Cities and the Internet of things are hard to ignore as years go by and we focus on innovative ideas and technical solutions for clients from hardware to software IT support.

Media & Publication,,, Whiteball Creative Solutions

Media & Publication
Our business blogs and magazines are aimed at sharing leadership and success stories and experiences of entrepreneurs’ so that we inspire the young generation of entrepreneurs.

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We provide the platform for any person with a product or service that can be sold over the internet to promote and sell it. We want every person with products to sell to have an online store

Our Sector, Education, Whiteball Creative Solutions

Education is the key to success and we want learners to have it in their finger-tips. We want a world where parents can be fully involved in their children’s education on daily basis.

Property and Automotive, Whiteball Creative Solutions, Window tint, glass fit

Property and Automotive
Although this is not internet-based, Window tinting and glass business is a family business that has been operating for over 20 years and we want to carry and prosper at it for years to come.