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Strategy & Consultancy:

Jim Rohn once said “Don’t spend major time on minor things”, and Abraham Lincoln once said, “Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe” . This is how we approach our strategy and consultancy services. Many businesses are quick to provide solutions. Our approach is different. Just like doctors, we begin by diagnosing the problem. Our strategic approach is to uncover and discover clients goals and opportunities. Our objective is to develop people’s and business’s potential. Our strategy is to identify unrecognized strength and opportunities that will help clients achieve their goals and be prosperous.

Website Consulting
Idea Development
Product & Service Development
Start Up & Small Business Consulting
Personal Development

Web Design & Development:

Businesses need to be intentional with their websites. We help companies build compelling, goal-driven, and interactive websites. Business owners and leaders need websites that positively impact their businesses and improves their lives. Our goal is to help clients build websites that perform well and produce desired results. We are not limited to the types of website we can design. Our websites are personalized, professional, clean, clients centric, responsive and mobile-friendly. We build websites that are search engine friendly, internet browser compatible, up to date and easy to maintain.

Website Design & Development
eCommerce Website
SEO Optimizations
Management & Maintenance

Online Marketing & SEO Support:

We help companies get found on the internet through search engines and online ads. We increase traffic to clients websites and improve their website conversion rate. Online marketing needs to deliver results and impact the business positively. We are results-driven, and we focus on ensuring that clients get returns on their investment. We make online Ad campaigns get more results by making them stand out from others, while increasing engagement, and lead generation. Our goal is to turn website visitors into profits.

Google Search Ads
Google Display Ads
Social Media marketing
Campaign Management

Other Services Offered:

IT Support

ICT, IT supports, computers, networking, printing, software, hardware services by Whiteball Creative Solutions

Computer software, hardware, networking, fibre, print, cloud service, web hosting, governance, and in-house support.


Whiteball Creative Solutions supply, deliveries and distribution services

Supply and delivery of goods. Outsourcing of products and services and managing projects for clients.

Graphic Design

Whiteball Creative Solutions, graphic design services, logo, letterheads, business cards design, corporate identity, design agency, graphic design company

Business corporate identity and branding tool kit. From logos, letterheads, marketing material, signages and content creation.

Window Tint

window tint services by Whiteball Creative Solutions

Reflective and Smash & Grab protective window tinting for commercial, residential, industrial and corporate automotive.

Furniture Manufacturing

Our services and capabilities in furniture manufacturing

Personalized quality multi-purpose furniture for home and office, corporates, boutique hotels, and property developers.