Online Marketing Mistakes


Have you figured it out?

Being able to promote ads on Google and boost posts on Social Media isn’t marketing. Just like placing ads on TV, Radio and Print Media is not marketing. These are marketing platforms which you can refer to them as advertising channels. Just like a boxing match is won during practice, way before the match starts, the same goes for marketing. Effective marketing occurs before any of these advertising channels are put in place.


Many people think that online marketing is simply something that anyone can do. That is why many online/digital marketing campaigns fail. The thing is, to carry out successful and effective marketing, it is vital to understand what marketing it. You must know marketing strategies, methodologies, and importantly the purpose of marketing. Running ads on Google and social media without any understanding of this is setting yourself up for failure. Even though you may get positive results without complete knowhow of marketing because we know that 3% of any market is in buying mode, you can have far more success if you also focused on the 97% whom you can get with the knowhow of marketing.

At Whiteball Creative Solutions, we help businesses carry out effective online marketing by focusing on important factors that aid in the success of any campaign. We are results-driven, and we focus on ensuring that clients get returns on their investment. The success of our business is dependent on the success of our clients. We strive to optimize projects to the benefit of the Client’s business.


Turn your website visitors into buyers.

Monitoring and maintaining your ads campaign, coming up with new concepts and ideas to make the most of your investment, while focusing on campaigns that work. A business should never rely on one single source of traffic for new business/clients. Online marketing adds to your existing systems of bringing new clients.



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