Companies that grow and companies which have excelled over the years like Coca-Cola, Nike, IBM, Apple, Microsoft and Facebook, all have one thing in common. That is they are clear about their vision, mission and core values. Their sustainability strategy is also clear, which allows them to continue thriving while other companies struggle and fail. At Whiteball Creative Solutions, we are clear about our core-values and mission and that is to add value to clients, to move their businesses forward and help them grow.

We want to transform Africa with creative, well thought, and value based solutions. We want to empower African businesses and entrepreneurs, especially startups with the right resources and information to help them grow and succeed.



  • Industry 4.0 – When machines and robots begin to populate and take over business operations, mankind will seek knowledge to survive and we will be the main source of this information in Africa and other parts of the world.
  • When self-driving vehicles increases, mankind will have more time to educate and entertain themselves while traveling.
  • Internet access will become far cheaper in Africa as it is in some parts of the world, and people will seek more information and testimonies on the internet as already seen.
  • Businesses of any size in Africa must optimize and maximize internet opportunities with the use of the websites and the cloud.
  • More African success stories must be told and shared with the world.
  • Reduce and eliminate visuals of suffering and poverty about Africa on the Internet. #MakeAfricaGreatAgain