We specialize in the installation and configuration of hardware and software IT services. Our specialties expands to network management, server and printer repair and maintenance services. We offer desktop management services that help companies take advantage of the IT systems to automate systemize and simplify communications, management and processes while saving time and cost; maximizing efficiency and improving performances. Our ability to assess, deploy, manage and maintain IT systems while providing a great level of security gives clients the assurance that we are the best suited company to build long term relationship with in the quest to growing your business.

IT, Computer, Technology, Networking, Software and Print Services in Johanneburg, gauteng, SA

The solutions we offer includes but not limited to:

IT GOVERNANCE: Strategy, Plans and Policies

ICT INFRASTRUCTURE: Networks, Servers, Desktops, Laptops, etc.

PRINTING SOLUTIONS: Corporate and Marketing material Printing

SOFTWARE: Installation, Licensing and Support

SUPPORT: Setup, Maintenance, Management



Supply and Delivery: 

Whiteball has capabilities to supply and deliver goods for organizations as and when needed from ICT infrastructures, office machines, stationery, corporate imaging and other supplies. We have partnership with a reputable security company with armed guards to ensure the safe delivery of all goods from suppliers to the client.

ICT INFRASTRUCTURES: Networks tools & Cabling, Hardware, Servers, Desktops, Laptops, Screens, & Accessories

OFFICE MACHINES: Multifunction, Printer, Copiers, Scanners

STATIONERY: For Corporates, Government & Municipal Sectors

CORPORATE IMAGING: Branding, Printing, graphics