Whiteball Creative Solutions company sustainability strategy report


Our company will empower women and people living with disabilities; the youth especially. Our company will be led by 80% women and 20% men in senior management. Furthermore, we aim to tackle the issue of gender inequality incorporates by ensuring that all employees of Whiteball Creative Solutions are paid according to the value they add to the company and not their gender.

We want to create a working environment and company culture where people do not treat each other on the bases of titles and position in the company, but on the grounds that they are human beings. We want to see a culture where people from cleaners, security guards, receptions and senior management are treated equally because respect is a human thing and not a status thing. Our aim is to promote a multi-racial and multi-cultural working environment and live up to our country’s vision of living in a rainbow nation.

At least 50% of employees must be the youth under the age of 35. With the other 50%, the majority must be adults who started with the company as a youth.



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