This page consists of clients we’ve worked with. However, we’ve selected only a few companies here. We have worked with numerous companies over the years and as a results, we cannot feature all of them on this website. Numerous companies we’ve done what we consider full house service provision. That is from Web Design and Development, IT Support, Graphic Design and Advisory. We’ve worked with companies in different sectors, from professional services, construction, security, engineering, interior designers, manufacturers, environmental, entertainment, media, tourism, plant hire, capital investments, retail, medical, law firms and others.

Alex FM 89.1;

The station manager of Alex FM at the time Mr. Trinity Mohlamme said to us, “I was in the boardroom with the client, and I used the website as my presentation. They loved it, I enjoyed and it was amazing.”. Our relationship with Alex FM was special, and by being their external IT Partner, Alex FM became the first community radio station to have a complete IT Department. We provided full IT, Website and Graphic Design service and helped elevate the station to new heights and status globally.

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JMP Solutions;

As a security company that has invested in marketing and branding, JMP Solutions wanted a website that reflected their off-line image. The client had three goals. Firstly, to showcase their service. Secondly, to show client’s they are a company with resources and manpower to carry out projects of any size. Third, to show client’s they are professional and represents the company professionally. The website also shows the client’s compliance status. It is critical because, in the security and protection business, compliance is vital. Our client added this compliance documents as reassurance and validation to their clients. One of the significant goals for JMP Solutions was to show potential clients that they are not a small company, but rather a company with the ability and capability to carry out a project of any capacity.

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Nabutone Connect:

Nabutone Connect offers the world’s first tablet mobile terminal, as a result, the company needs to educate clients about their products. Their website provides features and benefits of the products they offer. Because their marketing and sales force is dominantly off-line, our client wanted a website that will offer more value for clients should they require more information. Our client’s goal was to build a clean and easy to navigate site that shows clients how unique and elegant their products are, and that shows which market they are targeting at the moment. The cherry on top is the demo that illustrates how their app works and this is great because it shows clients how easy their app is and also serves as a how-to tutorial.

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Smart Air Technology:

The Smart Air device is a new cutting-edge technology that will transform several sectors with its innovative technology. Because this technology is new, our client’s goal is to educate people about the product and illustrate how it works. Using graphics, it’s much easier to understand how the products work and how it will benefit people and businesses. The features and benefits are clearly outlined, and the FAQ page provides some of the common question and responses. This website was designed to make clients understand the products easily, and we believe that goal was achieved.

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Lekhu Pilson Attorneys:

Lekhu Pilson Attorneys is one of the companies that we are proud to have been a part of. When the directors of Lekhu Pilson Attorneys started the company, we helped design the logo, letterheads, business cards, and the company profile. This is one of our pride and joy, simply because we’ve seen this company from a start-up phase to a big company that it is with so many employees. When designing the logo, the directors had a clear idea of exactly how they wanted the logo to look. We helped translate/bring their idea and vision into reality.


Lekhu Pilson Attorneys:

“We have received satisfactory service and customer care and continue to have a strong relationship with the company. Whiteball Creative Solutions is reliable and delivers on time. So far we have not experienced any poor service or concerns

Alex FM Broadcasting:

“This serves to confirm that Mr Collen Lepulana of Whiteball Creative Solutions is our Online Content & IT Service provider since 2014. Mr Lepulana is a dynamic, creative and dedicated person who always goes an extra mile when providing a service.”

JMP Security Solutions:

“Thank you for the wonderful service you rendering to Fepang Protecting Group it’s been very good working with you since day one, your service is been very excellent whenever we need assistant we get it in exactly time you promise.”

Fepang Protection Group:

“Truly speaking your services to our company Fepang Protection Group is the best; you added value to our business’ we not shy to recommend your business to our friends and other companies”

Fortune Capital Investment:

“They offered great services and continue to offer exceptional support and a very fast turn around time when our company needs immediate support.”

JB Blinds:

“I appreciate what you have done for me. I’m now able to communicate easily with my clients and also get some other clients as well. The website, Facebook and Twitter helped me a lot.”

Man Integrated Risk Solutions:

“To me, you are not a service provider but a brother, someone I can always rely on regardless of the time.”

Modelina Casting Management:

“I must say it has been a pleasure working with you; my company is now growing because of the website that you designed for us.”