Whiteball Creative Solutions (PTY) LTD trading as Whiteball Creative Solutions is an existing business that was registered on 19/09/2013. The company is 100% youth Black Owned and is based in 40 5th Street Wynberg, Gauteng. Whiteball Creative Solutions an Internet company that provides internet and consulting services to companies from small to medium businesses. Since 2013, Whiteball has been existing as a company that provides Web Design & Development, Web Hosting, Corporate Graphic Design and IT Support services to small and medium companies around Gauteng. Presently the company is at an expansion phase were we recognize opportunities to function as a complete internet business and provide solitary online products and services. Our new mission is driven and influenced by the development and implementation of Industry 4.0, the Internet of Things (IoT) and the Smart Cities around the world, which are all driven by the rapid and limitless growth of the internet. We believe the future is the internet and we are positioning ourselves to take great advantages of this. Whiteball Creative Solutions offers internet products and services we believe have tremendous value to start-ups and SMME’s. Our mission remains to help businesses move forward.



When the founder of Whiteball Creative Solutions started in business, he (along with his 2 partners) had no knowledge of running a professional service business. The only experience Mr. PC Lepulana had was running a business as a street vendor. In the beginning they used the Johannesburg Library as their place of business, where they conducted meetings and operations from. Even after registering Whiteball in 2013, Mr. PC Lepulana worked from home and used one of the library in Alexandra Township as a place of work.

In 2014, with the help of students from London Business College programme, the company started serving Alex FM Broadcasting with IT and Website Services. After a meeting with the station manager of Alex FM at the time (Mr. Trinity Mohlamme), which took place in a car… Mr. PC Lepulana was invited to use & share Alex FM Marketing office for his business purposed. This served both parties well as the station had someone to attend to IT matters urgently and Mr. PC Lepulana has a professional place to conduct business. Shortly after, he was invited to take part in the organizations management meetings and the stations IT department was formed.

In 2016, Whiteball was proposed by Namec Telecoms which was based in Sandton, to come and provide IT and Website services. Mr. PC Lepulana was also offered an office space where he could use for his business purposes however soon after, another company proposed the same offer. The company, called Veritas Engineering was based in Sandton as well and required the same services. Whiteball has conducted business here till present time. It is at Veritas Engineering where Mr. PC Lepulana learned a lot about business and management through the mentorship of the director and observing operational and company strategies; as well as leadership qualitied.

In October 2018, a company (Transource) which he did business training with offered to locate Whiteball Creative Solutions to their own office in Wynberg. This was part of the SMME empowerment programme the company undertook. With this offer, Whiteball has 2 operational location in Sandton and Wynberg and both director are still his mentors.

Currently Mr. PC Lepulana plans to have his official company headquarters with the size of 200-500 square meters somewhere between, Sandton, Wynberg or Midrand areas.

Old Logo of Whiteball Creative Solutions

The old logo of Whiteball Creative Solutions

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