-     114 West Street, Sandton, 2196

What will happen next?

We will do the following:

  • Process the information sent and contact you shortly.
  • Register the domain for you 
  • Setup Account & create Emails for you at no cost
  • Send you email settings 
  • Help you setup emails on your computers, laptops & smartphones
  • Make sure your account is fully functional 

We make things easier for you by doing the hard-work and saving you time. No credit card information required.


How safe is your information?

All the information on your account is private and confidential and as your services provider we are bound to respect and protect your privacy and information. We cannot and will not access your information (emails, documents and files) without your consent. While troubleshooting your emails (if need be), we will not open emails or any attachments, files or documents. 


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