The use of technology and information management and processing systems enables businesses to systemize and automate operations and communication. Whiteball aims to help companies take advantage of the IT systems to systemize and simplify communications, management and processes while saving time and cost; maximizing efficiency and improving performances. Our ability to assess, deploy, manage and maintain IT systems while providing a great level of security gives clients the assurance that we are the best suited company to build long term relationship with in the quest to growing your business.


The solutions we offer includes but not limited to:

  • Installation & Configuration of Hardware and Software
  • Supply of Hardware and Software (Computers & other IT tools.)
  • Network Management Services
  • Server & Printer Management Services
  • Efficiency and Optimization Services
  • Risk Management Services
  • ICT Project Management
  • Desktop Management Services
  • ICT Security Management Services
  • Supply & Deliveries (outsourcing)